Celebrating Film Noir

Sat 28 May — Sat 31 Dec 2022

The Garden Cinema presents an ongoing exploration of Film Noir from across the world.

June/July 2022: Classic Hollywood Noir

July/August 2022: French Film Noir

The Maltese Falcon PG

USA, 1941, John Huston, 101m
This 1941 film version of Dashiell Hammett’s ‘Sam Spade’ novel laid down the blueprint for subsequent Hollywood films noir. It also… Read More

Double Indemnity PG

USA, 1944, Billy Wilder, 108m
Double Indemnity is often regarded as the best of the Hollywood noirs, a credit to Billy Wilder as director and script-writer.… Read More

Touch of Evil 12A

USA, 1958, Orson Welles, 95m
A lurid tale of corruption played out in the strip joints and motel rooms of a sleazy Mexican border town, with… Read More

Port of Shadows PG

France, 1938, Marcel Carné, 91m
A wonderfully atmospheric film about army deserter Jean (Jean Gabin), who arrives in Le Havre seeking a ship to take him… Read More

Hôtel du Nord PG

France, 1938, Marcel Carné, 95m
Anguished young lovers, fallen women, wanted criminals – all these are found in the Hôtel du Nord, a seedy boarding-house on… Read More

La Bête Humaine PG

France, 1938, Jean Renoir, 96m
Based on the classic Émile Zola novel, Jean Renoir's La Bête Humaine was one of the legendary director's greatest popular successes—and… Read More

The Wages of Fear 12A

France, 1953, Henri-Georges Clouzot, 147m
In a squalid South American oil town, four desperate men sign on for a suicide mission to drive trucks loaded with… Read More

Les Diaboliques 12A

France, 1955, Henri-Georges Clouzot, 117m
Before Psycho, Peeping Tom, and Repulsion, there was Les Diaboliques, a film which shocked audiences in Europe and the U.S. It… Read More

Lift to the Scaffold PG

France, 1958, Louis Malle, 88m
For his feature debut, twenty-four-year-old Louis Malle brought together a mesmerizing performance by Jeanne Moreau, evocative cinematography by Henri Decaë, and… Read More