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Kiss Me Deadly 12A

Part of Celebrating Film Noir
USA, 1955, Robert Aldrich, 106m.

Robert Aldrich’s Kiss Me Deadly is rich with symbolic allusions, complex plot threads, and nuclear paranoia about the atomic bomb. It has all the elements of great film noir - a stark opening sequence, destructive femme fatales, low-life gangsters, an anti-hero, expressionistically-lit night-time scenes, a vengeful quest, and a dark mood of hopelessness. (Filmsite Movie Review)

Mickey Spillane’s pulp fiction story, featuring the private eye Mike Hammer, becomes, in Aldrich’s hands, a film noir thriller which provides a glimpse at the horror of the atom bomb. ‘It’s the roughest, least compromising film noir of them all.’ (The Guardian)

Please note: we do not show adverts. There will be 10 mins or so of trailers before the main feature.

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