Celebrating Marlene Dietrich

Sat 02 Jul — Sat 31 Dec 2022

The Garden Cinema looks back at the extraordinary Marlene Dietrich, alluring for both her beauty and her remarkable self-assurance on screen. She made such an impression in 1930 as the seductive cabaret singer in The Blue Angel that she was immediately brought to Hollywood by her svengali director, Josef von Sternberg.  And when she donned a man’s tailcoat and trousers in another von Sternberg film of the same year, Morocco, she became a cinematic icon.

This season shows how she developed as an actress from the early films with von Sternberg, to her more playful roles with director George Marshall and her cold-hearted role as Christine in Billy Wilder’s 1957 Witness for the Prosecution. Join us in celebrating Marlene Dietrich – a star unlike any other.

The Blue Angel PG

Germany, 1930, Josef Von Sternberg, 108m
The elderly professor's ordered life spins dangerously out of control when he falls for a nightclub singer. Immanuel Rath (Emil Jannings)… Read More

Witness for the Prosection U

USA, 1957, Billy Wilder, 116m
Ailing barrister Sir Wilfrid Robarts (played by Charles Laughton) agrees to defend Leonard Vole, who’ll be tried at the Old Bailey… Read More

Destry Rides Again PG

USA, 1939, George Marshall, 95m
Marlene Dietrich as the cynical saloon bar proprietor and James Stewart as the sheriff raise this classic western to a new… Read More

Angel U

USA, 1937, Ernst Lubitsch, 87m
As much as any film made during the 1930s under Hollywood’s puritanical Production Code, Angel dares to challenge the conventions of… Read More