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Video Bazaar Presents: Liquid Sky 18

Screened in partnership with Video Bazaar
Slava Tsukerman, USA, 1982, 112m.

Video Bazaar invites you to step into a neon-lit vision of the 1980s this June as we present a special screening of Slava Tsukerman’s cult classic Liquid Sky. This avant-garde, sci-fi thriller, takes you on a mesmerising journey through the underground New York City club scene, blending punk aesthetics, surreal visuals, and an unforgettable electronic soundtrack.

Starring Anne Carlisle, the film follows the story of a bisexual model and her encounters with tiny extraterrestrials who crave a rare chemical produced in the human brain during orgasm. This bizarre and provocative plot is set against a backdrop of New Wave fashion and music, creating a time capsule of a fiercely creative era.

Liquid Sky is a cinematic experience unlike any other. Released theatrically in 1983, it quickly became a cult favourite, celebrated for its bold visual style, unique narrative, exploration of queerness and identity and its indisputable influence on fashion. So join us in experiencing this rarely screened piece of 80s New York ephemera and understand why Liquid Sky remains a significant cultural artifact, reflecting the experimental spirit of its time.

This screening is presented by the cult film collective, Video Bazaar, who are proud to show this rarely screened film and are dedicated to bringing the weird and the obscure to London audiences at The Garden Cinema. Please note this event will feature an intro and carefully curated pre-show material.

Anne Carlisle, Paula E. Sheppard, Susan Doukas, Otto von Wernherr

Please arrive promptly - we do not show adverts.

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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