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The Nettle Dress 12A

Dylan Howitt, UK, 2023, 68m.

Our screening on Sunday 24 September is followed by a 30 minute pre-recorded q&a with Allan Brown (dressmaker) and Dylan Howitt (filmmaker).

Textile artist Allan Brown spends seven years making a dress by hand just from the fibre of locally foraged stinging nettles. Filmed by award-winning documentary maker Dylan Howitt, The Nettle Dress follows Allan's journey through seasons and years, foraging, spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing the cloth, before finally sharing a healing vision of the dress back in the woods where the nettles were picked, worn by one of his daughters.

The Garden Cinema View:

Films that rely on one central quirky character can only work if they have heart and soul. Fortunately, this film has plenty: the soul of the English countryside and deeply felt emotion, with a clear strong bond between filmmaker and subject. It’s an invitation to slow down, spend time in nature and work through our troubles by getting out of our heads and into our hands and hearts. Actor Mark Rylance called the film 'Exquisite and inspiring, beautiful and helpful for anyone suffering loss or grief'. A truly folk film: some rough edges, intelligently crafted and lovingly put together.

Our screening on Monday 18 September was followed by a nettle weaving workshop.  

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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