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The Lodger + Live Score PG

Part of Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock, UK, 1927, 91m.

This screening of The Lodger will feature a new score commissioned for our Alfred Hitchcock season, composed and performed live by Malvern Brume (Rory Salter).

Rory Salter is a musician and sound artist living in London, Born in Banbury. Rory makes music under various monikers and has released albums with Alter, TakuRoku, Infant Tree, Teeth, MAL, Bison, Kashual Plastik and more. His music is formed through experimentations with electronic instruments, field recordings, amplified objects, cassette tape, feedback and voice; motivated by a relationship to changing and chaotic environments, objects and scores made from walking.  

As an artist he works mostly with walking, text, feedback systems and participatory projects, often with a focus on actions and performance scores. He has worked with and performed at spaces including; Cafe OTO, San Mei Gallery, South London Gallery, Hundred Years Gallery, Safehouse Gallery, and in recent years has moved to frequently working outside.  

He co-runs the record label and mail-order distribution Infant Tree with artist Ben Victor Waggett and curates a series of concerts in London between Cafe OTO, Dalston and Spanners, Loughborough Junction.

Ivor Novello, Marie Ault, Arthur Chesney, June Tripp

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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