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The Cinematologists: Censor (live podcast) 15

Prano Bailey-Bond, UK , 2021, 130m.

The Cinematologists Podcast live at The Garden Cinema

In the week leading up to Halloween, The Cinematologists Podcast live returns with a screening of Prano Bailey-Bond’s debut feature Censor. A pointed and knowing homage to the 80s era of the video nasties, the story draws on the theme of moral panic, with the excellent Niamh Elgar as an officious BBFC censor whose work starts to encroach a little too much into her own trauma. With perturbing visceral panache, the ritualistic nature of cinematic spectatorship and psychological effects of film living in the liminal space between reality and myth, underpin Censor’s disquieting effects. It’s a film that divided critics and audiences so will provide plenty to chew on for host Dario Llinares who will be joined by Sarah Cleaver of the Projections Podcast for post screening discussion.

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Niamh Algar, Michael Smiley, Nicholas Burns

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