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Screened in partnership with Supakino
Charlie Chaplin, USA, 1936, 87m.

SUPAKINO presents a 'Living For The City' double bill of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936) & Raj Kapoor’s Shree 420 (1955). Ranjit S. Ruprai will be exploring the connections between these films and will be joined by special guest Dr. Kulraj Phullar, film scholar and teacher.


Individual tickets to each film are £12/£10 for members. If buying tickets to both films in the double bill, the price will automatically be discounted to £18/14 for members.


Modern Times:


Chaplin’s final outing for his globally iconic character of 'The Tramp' is a remarkable silent film from the age of talkies. Despite having a synchronised soundtrack, it is free from dialogue apart from occasional words emitted via mechanical equipment and Chaplin’s gibberish as a reluctant singing waiter, the only time The Tramp has ever spoken.


Although the movie industry had adopted sound and 1930s cinema audiences were lapping up wisecrack-filled screwball comedies, Modern Times was still the most popular film at the British box office that year.


Partly inspired by a debate Chaplin had about humanity and mechanisation with Mahatma Gandhi, this socio-political comedy portrays the struggle to survive in the industrial 20th Century city during an economic depression and asks whether its inhabitants are living in or for the city.


Bombay Mix:


Indian cinema meets the rest of the world in a mix of movies that share themes, stories and genres. Part of an on-going programme of double bills that invite audiences to explore cinema and make new connections.




Ranjit S. Ruprai is an independent programmer and supporter of indie cinemas, film festivals and film clubs in London. Since founding SUPAKINO, he has been presenting friendly film screenings around fun and unusual themes including Turbans Seen On Screen, Bombay Mix double bills and Midnight Excess late-night shows. Learn more at:

Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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