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Sudan Fundraiser: You Will Die at Twenty 12A

Screened in partnership with Film Africa
Amjad Abu Alala, Sudan, 2019, 143m.

Join us for a celebration of Sudanese arts and culture to raise funds for the medical emergency appeal in Sudan. You will have the chance to purchase artwork and clothes from Sudanese creatives and sample delicious traditional Sudanese cuisine.


The screening of You Will Die at Twenty will be preceded by an acoustic performance from The Halfway Kid!


The Halfway Kid is a singer and songwriter from London, drawing a huge buzz for his poetic songwriting and unique blend of Folk, RnB and Soul. His laid back and raw sound is intimate and takes equal inspiration from songwriters, as it does from beat makers.


 So please come early to visit the stalls, sample the food and catch the performance.


7pm: Stalls in the bar

8pm: Music Performance and Film Screening


Special thanks to Film Africa, RAS.


Film Synopsis:


The debut of Sudanese film director Amjad Abu Alala and winner of the Lion of the Future Award at 2019’s Venice Film Festival, You Will Die at Twenty is a gorgeously crafted fable and examination of mortality.


Based on Sudanese writer Hammour Ziada’s short story, Sleeping at the Foot of the Mountain, You Will Die at Twenty follows the life of Muzamil (Mustafa Shehata) from birth until his twentieth birthday. Muzamil’s religious Sufi village lies between the Blue and White Nile in Al Jazira state, Sudan, and at the boy’s baptism ceremony, a sheik prophesizes that Muzamil will meet an early death at the age of twenty. Beholden to this grim fate, his mother, Sakina (Islam Mubarak), becomes overprotective and forbids his education or travelling, and his despairing father, Alnoor (Talal Afifi), leaves home for many years. The villagers taunt Muzamil, referring to him as 'son of death', and he becomes increasingly isolated, with only the opportunity to study the Koran. The quality of his life changes when he meets Suliman (Mahmoud Elsaraj), a Sudanese cinematographer, who imparts his passion for cinema and existential ideas with the curious teenager. A conflict grows within Muzamil between his traditional values and newfound modern aspirations. Will he have the time to act out his desires?


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Islam Mubark, Mahmoud Elsaraj, Bunna Khalid, Talal Afifi

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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