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Screen Cuba presents: SuperGal & Havana Selfies 18

Screened in partnership with Screen Cuba
Ernesto Piña, Arturo Santana, Cuba , 2022, 2019, 150m.

A special double bill of SuperGal and Havana Selfies. There will be a ten minute refreshment break between the films.

La Super / Supergal 

(Ernesto Piña, Cuba 2022, ICAIC,  60m)

It’s a first for Cuba! An animated feature film with an unforgettable heroine, La Super, who empowers others to confront violence against women. Yudeisi, a young chemistry teacher, is committed to justice, and with the help of a female warrior spirit, she becomes a slightly hesitant superhero able to transform violent men by hypnotising them and clarifying their thoughts. An entertaining and uplifting film, despite its difficult subject. There has never been a superhero like La Super.

Written by Hugo Rivalta. Premiered in the UK at Havana-Glasgow Film Festival in November 2023.


2022, Havana Festival of New Latin American Cinema, winner, Súmate project Collateral Prize.

Cast of voice actors:  Ariana Álvarez, Omar Franco, Tahimí Alvariño, Daniel Romero, Lezvy Samper, Mario Guerra, Kike Quiñones, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Carlos Gonzalvo, Gleibis Conde.

Habana Selfies / Havana Selfies 

(Arturo Santana, Cuba 2019, ICAIC, 90min)


This unmissable urban comedy with melancholic, romantic and absurd touches is told in six stories that form portraits of Havana. The thread is a car trip through night-time Havana interrupted. Music reinforces the connections. The director Santana dedicated it to his city on its 500th birthday saying 'I tried by every means, to be honest about my city that is the scene of all the things that I have done and all that I have not been able to do'.

Two men trick a woman in a taxi. An airport worker who wants to travel to Rome becomes a relationship counsellor. Actors working in a restaurant kitchen await the arrival of a film director. A drama instructor and an aspiring actor get caught in a power cut. A young French woman dreams all the way to Havana. María Victoria de las Tunas, mistakes a man for a famous actor and kisses him. Six love stories in Havana for the 21st century.  

Proceeds from the Solidarity ticket will to go to Cuban film institute (ICAIC) projects including restoration of classic films.

Daisy Granados, Armando Miguel Gómez, Pedro Martínez, Roque Moreno, Pedro Antonio Martínez Ramirez

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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