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ScreenCuba presents: One Way or Another + short +Q&A 18

Screened in partnership with Screen Cuba
Sara Gomez, Cuba, 1974 - 77, 78m.

With an introduction by Tania Delgado, director, Havana Film Festival

Sara Gomez, a genuinely original filmmaker and the first female and black director of the Cuban Cinema Institute (ICAIC), passionately explores everyday life with all its turmoil in the revolution’s early days. Gomez was committed to the revolution and to changing society by creating a new cinematic language that addressed the contemporary themes of race, class and gender. In the film a female teacher is sent to work in a place where a slum has been demolished and new houses built. She begins a relationship with a local worker and the film combines testimony, documentary, and fiction to chart how the social changes influence everyday life.

...Y Tenemos Sabor / ...And we have flavour

(Sara Gomez, 1966, Cuba, ICAIC, 30m) 

Sara Gómez is a participant-observer in this documentary about the origins of Afro Cuban music experienced through the instruments used. The film consists of short interviews, footage of impromptu street performances and some studio recordings. Gómez was a musician by training, and her syncopated montage captures the cross-rhythmic patterns.

Proceeds from the Solidarity ticket will to go to Cuban film institute (ICAIC) projects including restoration of classic films.

Mario Balmaseda, Yolanda Cuellar, Isaura Mendoza

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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