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Sat 03 Aug
Sun 25 Aug

Nashville 15

Part of Members' Summer Selection 2024
Robert Altman, USA, 1975, 159m.

This film was proposed by our member Jacquie Lee, who writes: 'Nashville is unique and considered one of the finest films from the 70s. The film portrays 24 characters who under Robert Altman’s direction satirise the absurdity of politics and the music industry. I recently watched a few short clips from this film and would love to propose this film so members can watch it on the big screen at The Garden Cinema.'

This cornerstone of 1970s American moviemaking from Robert Altman is a panoramic view of the country’s political and cultural landscapes, set in the nation’s music capital. Nashville weaves the stories of twenty-four characters - from country star to wannabe to reporter to waitress - into a cinematic tapestry that is equal parts comedy, tragedy, and musical. Many members of the astonishing cast wrote their own songs and performed them live on location, which lends another layer to the film’s quirky authenticity. Altman’s ability to get to the heart of American life via its eccentric byways was never put to better use than in this grand, rollicking triumph, which barrels forward to an unforgettable conclusion.

David Arkin, Barbara Baxley, Ned Beatty, Karen Black, Ronee Blakley, Timothy Brown, Keith Carradine, and many more

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