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Croatia, 2022, Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic, 96m.

Tension mounts in this family when the domineering father invites his former boss – now an American millionaire – to come to his home in a fishing village in Croatia and buy his land. In his desperation to sell, he’s tempted to use his wife (and his daughter too?) as sexual bait to make the sale. This exposes long-buried conflicts within the family. The daughter – in her urge to break free from the family – mistakes the millionaire’s interest in her for a genuine desire to help.  Beautifully filmed on the Adriatic coast, MURINA won the Camera d’Or at Cannes last year.

Short film (screened before MURINA):

Vincent Before Noon

A father arrives at his son's place and interrupts him in the middle of moving house. Conflict has kept them apart for many years and Vincent, the son, violently reacts to this intrusion. Although vulnerable, in spite of himself, the father announces the reason for his visit, which revives the tension between them. In a few minutes, anger, memories, and entangled points of view overwhelm both men.

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