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LSFF x T A P E Collective: Bonded 3.0 18

Screened in partnership with London Short Film Festival
Various Filmmakers, UK, USA, 2020-2022, 69m.

In this third series of the Bonded programme, we dig deeper into excavating the meaning and significance of familial, parental bonds. The realities of the relationships between carers and those entrusted to their care is often more complicated and nuanced than traditional portrayals of family dynamics would have us believe. This programme offers up a spotlight to the beauty and bluntness of these differences - from the varying shades of care, parenthood, identity, and the passage of generations.

Homerton 2 Homerton, dir. Amber Akaunu, UK 2021, 20mins

They, dir. Louisa Rechenbach, UK 2020, 12mins

Memory Palace, dir. Dorothy Cheung, UK 2021, 17mins

Sharing, dir. Mykea Fairweather Perry, UK 2022, 10mins

The Heart Still Hums, dir. Savanah Leaf, USA 2020, 29mins

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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