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LSFF x Oska Bright: Other Worlds 18

Part of London Short Film Festival 2024
Screened in partnership with London Short Film Festival
Various Filmmakers, Various Countries, 2019- 2022, 45m.

Embark on a thrilling journey through alternate realities, uncharted territories, and surreal dimensions. Brace yourself for a captivating collection of enigmatic, mind-bending films handpicked from the Oska Bright Film Festival. Prepare to be immersed in a diverse range of genres, including gripping dramas, mind-boggling sci-fi, audacious experimenta, and wickedly dark comedy. Witness the extraordinary unfold before your eyes as you delve into the perspectives of a young autistic girl, a frazzled radio producer, and a haunted scarecrow. Get ready for the unexpected, as these films offer a unique glimpse into a world that often defies explanation…

Oska Bright Film Festival is the world’s leading festival for films made by or featuring people with learning disabilities, autism or aspergers.

Who’s Voice is it Anyway, dir. Kate Caryer, UK 2022, 5mins

This is News Radio, dir. Andrew Kavanagh, Australia 2020, 7mins

Bad News, dir. Oli Mapp, UK 2020, 1min

Dead Susan, dir. Scar Ward, UK 2021, 9mins

X-Ray Eyes, dir. Christian Hebel, Germany 2021, 4mins

The Scarecrow, dir. Charlie Halldén, Sweden 2021, 2mins

Click Here, dir. Ka-miller Reid / Conor Powell, UK 2022, 5mins

Breathe, dir. Josh Merrit, UK 2019, 4mins

Galoot, dir. Deavon Lever, USA 2021, 8mins

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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