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LSFF: London Lives (BSL/captioned screening) 18

Screened in partnership with London Short Film Festival
Various Directors, UK, 2022, 2023, 93m.

London's vastness beckons to those looking for something different, somewhere to think and speculate, someplace to retreat and take refuge. Repetition of the everyday and the never-ending skyline offer assurance and ease. Or compel you to investigate the most pressing question plaguing Londoners: what are those 200-foot metal structures dotting the city?  

This brilliant line up of London centric films captures the widely experienced emotions of anxiety, the unsettling shift into adulthood, and the dreaded "panic years." One filmmaker examines why we accept things the way we do in a wry and amusing documentary, while another brings alive the historic landscape in a series of visually compelling montages. Warda Mohamed’s debut narrative intimately depicts the different ways people can grieve and the unexpected connections you can find in those solemn moments.

Total runtime: 93mins

Highgate 214, dir. Teva Cheema, UK 2023, 19mins

Bakari, dir. Rodrigue Wembi Ghenda, UK 2023, 11mins

Messenger, dir. Alix Eve, UK 2023, 16mins

Brixton Bustle, dir. Shaun Clark, UK 2023, 5mins

London's Rocketship Launchers, dir. Julia Mervis, UK 2022, 7mins

Descent, dir. Syd Farrington, UK 2023, 6mins

An Ode to The Pigeon, dir. Rosa May Tweedale Gamsu, UK 2023, 3mins

One Night On Saturn, dir. R Seventeen, UK 2021, 7mins

Muna, dir. Warda Mohamed, UK 2023, 19mins

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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