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Love According to Dalva 15

Emmanuelle Nicot, Belgium, France, 2022, 83m.

Dalva, 12, lives alone with her father. One evening, the police storms into their home and takes her into foster care. As Dalva befriends her new roommate Samia and social worker Jayden, she gradually comes to understand the love she shared with her father was not what she thought. With their help, Dalva will learn to become a child again.

The Garden Cinema View:

In contrast to her peers in the shelter, Dalva behaves and dresses like an adult. What is going on? Love According to Dalva subverts the typical post-traumatic Stockholm syndrome-like story in its sincere exploration of an adolescent's character. An empathetic portrait of a complex trauma sufferer who has been wired to seek affection through sexuality. Can they de-program? Zeida Samson gives a brave and reserved performance and - unlike similarly themed films -  is not exploited by the director (Emmanuelle Nicot) for the sake of our lower instincts.

Zelda Samson, Alexis Manenti, Fanta Guirassy, Sandrine Blancke

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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