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LIAF 2022: International Competition 1. Abstract Showcase 18

Screened in partnership with London International Animation Festival
Various, Various, 2021/2022, 73m.

This programme is our annual survey of abstract and experimental animation. Animators working in this field employ every technique from hand-drawn ‘musical scores ’all the way across the scale to high definition, computer assisted image making. These 16 short films share a pure love of animated movement and an artist’s eye for filling the screen, harnessing colour and creating non-narrative imagery.


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Perf Dance (Canada 2022 Dir: Steven Woloshen 3’30)

& More (Hong Kong 2022 Dir: Tsz-wing Ho 3’10)

Beneath (UK 2022 Dir: Beth Walker 3’35)

Sacred Clockworks (Germany 2021 Dir: Moritz Schuchmann 4’45)

Intermission (Hungary 2022 Dir: Reka Bucsi 4’55)

Unreal Central (Hong Kong 2022 Dir: Junien Cho, Qingmei Melody Li, Yung Ka Valerie Mak 3’10)

Holes (UK 2021 Dir: Birgitta Hosea 5’30)

Occurro (2021 Dir: Vadim Epstein 4’05)

Protostase (France 2021 Dir: Tiberio Suppressa 9’15)

Clockwise (Spain 2021 Dir: Toni Mitjanit 3’25)

Sphere (Japan 2021 Dir: Wataru Iwata 6’00)

Hysteresis (Germany 2021 Dir: Robert Seidel 5’05)

Ruled Surface (UK 2021 Dir: Pete McPartlan 2’35)

Spheres (France 2021 Dir: Anais Scheeck 4’40)

Retinal Activation (Japan 2021 Dir: Shusaku Kaji 5’00)

Intersextion (Canada 2022 Dir: Richard Roger Reeves 4’00)


The London International Animation Festival (LIAF 2022), the UK’s largest, longest-running and most eclectic animation festival returns for its 19th year with a mammoth 10-day celebratory feast of forums, screen talks and over 250 of the best recent, historical and retrospective animated shorts and features from around the world.


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No screenings currently scheduled.

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