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Kino Quickies Presents The Gaunt Stranger PG

Screened in partnership with Kino Quikies
Walter Forde, UK, 1938, 73m.

Henry Milton, otherwise known as 'The Ringer', is an enigmatic criminal thought, by Scotland Yard, to be dead - drowned at the bottom of Sydney Harbour two years ago. When corrupt lawyer, Maurice Meister receives a note, informing him that he will be dead in two days time, murdered by The Ringer in revenge for the death of his sister, Scotland Yard is in a race against time. Only one living man can identify The Ringer, a petty crook called Sam Hackett, who reluctantly agrees to help with the investigation. As the day of the murder arrives, tension mounts in Meister’s Deptford home and with the police guarding every entrance and exit, it seems impossible that the murderer will get to his victim but... this is The Ringer we’re dealing with.


Based on a novel by Edgar Wallace, this is the third adaptation of the story. Starring Sonnie Hale and directed by Walter Forde, The Gaunt Stranger is significant as the first film to be produced by Michael Balcon after his arrival at Ealing Studios.


Our special guest for the post-screening Q&A will be Dr Adrian Smith, film historian, writer and Edgar Wallace enthusiast


Kino Quickies is a partnership between podcast producer, Dominic Delargy and Lecturer in Film Studies at King’s College London, Dr Lawrence Napper. We present 'quota quickies' - films made in the 1930s made as a result of the Cinematograph Parliamentary Act of 1927 followed by Q&As.

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