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Kino London Short Film Festival – Shorts Block 5 18

Various, Various, Various, 93m.

Kino Short Film presents some of the best shorts of the year for their BIFA qualifying film festival.

CARRION - In an isolated desert motel, a young girl digs up a rotting carcass. Later that night,something mysterious is unearthed in her mother.

ROBUTLER - Overworked council worker Cwnt Jones purchases a personalised A.I assistant to help make his life beta.

HELLO, MUSCLES - A young girl develops muscles, but finds a different kind of strength.

THE FOOL'S MATE - A couples relationship is at a crossroads - as Fred attempts to break how with Holly, she thinks he’s about to propose. But might an impromptu game of chess finally force them to confront how they really feel about one another…

WAVING - An unflinchingly honest portrayal of the devastating reality behind the misunderstood anxiety disorder of OCD, starring Ralph Ineson. His worst fears seemingly realised; a distraught father takes one last walk through his ruined world. For most people, being at the centre of their own world and having a loving family is a wonderful thing. For Charlie, it's literally a nightmare.Waving explores the anguish of a father in self-imposed exile to shield his family from his obsessive-compulsive disorder and the emotionally destructive thoughts he cannot escape.

THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE - Forced to escape his home and risking everything to get here, nothing could prepare Tymour for the challenges his new life would bring. Stuck in a state of limbo,he dwells on the difficulties of his past as his future hangs in the balance.

VOICES - When moving into their new home, Tara and Drew are alarmed when they overhear their neighbours arguing. As the voices get louder and more violent, they must decide if it’s their

responsibility to act.

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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