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Sat 03 Aug


Kino London Short Film Festival: Programme 4 18

Part of Kino London Short Film Festival 2024
Various Directors, Various Countries, Various Years, 115m.

Kino Short Film presents some of the best shorts of the year for their BIFA qualifying film festival.


directed by Georgina Haig | Australia | Comedy

Bereft after the loss of her beloved Dad James (Michael Caton, The Castle), Frances misses the appointment to pick up his ashes. Through a bizarre posthumous prank, can James rectify his daughter’s habitual lateness, even after he’s gone? A darkly comedic story about grief, tough love and the unexpected ways those who have passed continue to influence us.

Far Away [UK Premiere]

directed by Nathaniel McCullagh | Ireland | Drama

12 year old Aoife learns to grow up fast after the death of her beloved Grandpy, as she tries to build ties with her emotionally detached father (Seamus O'Hara, An Irish Goodbye).


directed by Josie Charles | United Kingdom | Found Footage


It’s 2006. Sixteen-year-old Lola has been in her room for three days and refuses to come out. She confesses to a camcorder a tale of first love and lost virginity, before finally revealing the secret keeping her locked inside.

Hard Times [London Premiere]

directed by Elliott Gonzo & Elliot Warren | United Kingdom | Drama

A man (Elliot Warren, Top Boy) under the strain of the cost of living crisis makes a risky decision to involve his daughter in a dangerous job for a much needed paycheck.

The Hope Chest Has a Secret Drawer [UK Premiere]

directed by Laura Frenzer | United States | Drama

A stressed daughter (Amy Hargreaves, Homeland, 13 Reasons Why) working tirelessly to reach her mother (Anna Stuart, All My Children) lost in an Alzheimer’s haze accidentally uncovers a dark family secret.

Satisfaction [London Premiere]

directed by Bailey Tom Bailey | United Kingdom | Historical Comedy

Georgian England. A society lady raises her pistol to duel with her aristocratic mentor over a grave insult.

Something For Your Mind [UK Premiere]

directed by Kamil Dymek | United Kingdom | Sci-Fi

When a successful podcaster tests a mind-altering device to question the ethics of her mental health content, she unleashes dire consequences that expose the dark side of the wellness industry and the dangers of misinformation.


directed by Ella Greenwood | United Kingdom | Drama, LGBTQ+

As New Year's Eve festivities are underway on the floor above, in a single-take snapshot, Allie and Erin have a chance encounter down below. But when Allie recognises Erin from over a decade ago, the past breaks the surface, and fireworks ensue.

Trigger Warning: This programme contains sexual abuse

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