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Thu 01 Aug


Kino London Short Film Festival: Programme 2 18

Part of Kino London Short Film Festival 2024
Various Directors, Various Countries, Various Years, 113m.

Kino Short Film presents some of the best shorts of the year for their BIFA qualifying film festival.

BENJI [London Premiere]

directed by Oscar Garth | United Kingdom | Arthouse

A seemingly innocent TV commercial for a family-friendly recycling bin becomes increasingly bizarre when the father decides to recycle more than just household waste.

The Car Spotter

directed by Martin Sandin | Sweden | Comedy

Peo loves spotting cars. It gives his everyday life a little twist. It’s also a hobby that is about to ruin the most important thing he has. The Car Spotter is a film about the small choices in life that have big consequences.

Call Me Back

directed by Tom Andrews | United Kingdom | Drama

The subtlety of memory and grief is studied in this heartfelt exploration of a bereaved older woman. Grace (Lindsay Duncan), returns home from the funeral of her husband, George (Jim Broadbent), accompanied by her daughter, Lucy (Sophia Myles). Mother and daughter clash, leading Grace to attempt to mourn in isolation.

The Chosen One [UK Premiere]

directed by Elazar Fine | United States | Thriller

After impulsively shaving off his beard and sidelocks, Eli Eisenstein is thrown out of his Hasidic family home. He finds refuge with his estranged, ex-religious aunt Shifra, but inner turmoil forces him to experience a nightmarish transformation that leads him right back to where he started.

The Cure [London Premiere]

directed by Taisia Deeva | United Kingdom | Drama

17-year-old Renal is brought to a sex worker by his uncle to prove his masculinity to his patriarchal father. This “educational” act turns into psychological and physical abuse.

Feeling Lucky

directed by Anna-Marie Ramm | United Kingdom | Comedy

A couple show their true colours when they discover that they've won the lottery.


directed by Jonathan Blagrove | United Kingdom | Drama

When a volunteer turns up for his shift to help guide a young offender through the process of his arrest, he gets more than he bargained for.

Saving Art

directed by Remi R.M. Moses | United Kingdom | Drama

Instead of telling his newly diagnosed five-year-old son that he has Leukaemia; Brian tells Arthur that the chemotherapy will give him superpowers. In a battle to keep them both positive, Brian is haunted by his lie as he struggles to find hope.


directed by Giles Buchanan | United Kingdom | Thriller

The sole survivor of a mountain climb struggles to come to terms with a supernatural incident.

Under the Blue

directed by Linda Ludwig & James Curle | United Kingdom | Drama

Bruised, hungry and only halfway through her late shift, a lonely and disillusioned police officer forms an unlikely connection with an appreciative and thankful criminal.

Trigger Warning: This programme contains religous persecution, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma.

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