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Journey to the West 18

Kong Dashan, China, 2021, 117m.

Tang Zhijun, a down and out middle-aged man, is the editor-in-chief of a science fiction magazine. A question that has puzzled him all his life leads him to embark on journey to find aliens.

Filmmaker Kong Dashan’s feature debut, which shares the same title as Wu Cheng’en's Chinese 16th century classic Journey to the West, is a modern Odyssey for a generation of idealists. Just like the Chinese novel, this is an adventure story with comic side plots, emotional depth, and spiritual enlightenment as its goal. Through his long search, Tang discovers that while he seeks contact with aliens he forgets the world around him.

The screening on Sunday 22 January 2023 (Chinese New Year) was followed up with an after-screening online Q&A with the writer and director Kong Dashan.

Screening after Saturday 1 April 2022 are in line with the film's release in China and show the same version as its domestic release, which is a few minutes longer than the international version.

This is a part of the exhibition initiative Chinese Cinema Project presented by Plus One Films, supported by The Garden Cinema. It aims to showcase works from emerging and under-represented Chinese filmmakers via regular screenings. New and classic, feature and shorts - we only show good films.

Additional revenue from the donation ticket price goes directly to the Chinese Cinema Project to support future screenings.

Haoyu Yang, Ai Liya, Roy Wang

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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  • Crazy ideas,enthusiastic attitude,interesting story,special way to show a father. He tried to concentrate on his work to explore universe,his daughter world,his life. I was touched by this movie because this movie focus on life,people,even though the topic is about science,fiction.