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Mon 22 August
Mon 29 August

Jamón Jamón 15

Part of Celebrating Penélope Cruz. Spain, 1993, Bigas Luna, 93m.

Provocative and amusing, Jamón Jamón's overheated melodrama is often its own reward. This is a perfect ride to take you through the Summer and also the first time Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem appeared together on screen.

Jose Luis has a cushy corporate job at the lingerie factory owned by his mother Conchita. Upon making the acquaintance of Silvia (Penélope Cruz), a beautiful laborer on the underwear assembly line, he is instantly lovestruck. When he announces his intention to marry this blue-collar woman, Conchita is quite displeased, so she enlists the hunky Raul (Javier Bardem) to take Silvia's mind off her son. The plan works, until Conchita also falls for Raul.

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