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Is There Anybody Out There? 12A

Ella Glendining, UK, 2022, 90m.

There is a Relaxed Screening of the film on Saturday 18 November at 14:00. More details here.

Groundbreaking documentary, Is There Anybody Out There? follows filmmaker Ella  Glendining’s global search for someone with a body that looks like hers, and explores what it takes to love yourself fiercely as a disabled person in an ableist world.

'My body is extremely unusual, and I’ve never seen another like my own. Is There Anybody Out There? is a personal documentary following my search to track down other individuals  with the same rare disability as me. The film also explores the experience of being a  disabled pregnant woman as well as the emotional process of becoming a mother, when I

unexpectedly find out I am pregnant. Perhaps, more than anything however, this story is about ableism – about living in a world where you’re seen as less than human – and what it

takes to love yourself fiercely despite this.'

-Premiere: Sundance Film Festival World Cinema Documentary Competition 2023

-Awards: FIPRESCI International Film Critics Prize / The Silver Horn, Krakow Film Festival /  'Be the Change' Award, Biografilm Festival

The Garden Cinema View:

A captivating documentary that chronicles Ella's journey to self-love as she navigates the world with a body unlike anyone else's, confronts ableism (both externally and internally), and defies societal expectations that dictate surgery to 'fix' her diverse body. Her journey is equally fun and sorrowful and oozes authenticity. Is There Anybody Out There? is a groundbreaking documentary that sets a new standard for disability representation, and is an essential educational viewing for non-disabled viewers.

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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