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Don’t Look Now 15

Part of Members' Events
Nicolas Roeg, UK/Italy, 1973, 110m.

This film was proposed by our member Peter Mark, who wrote that it has "always been one of my all time favourite films and the best of Roeg’s group of great 70s cinema. Genuinely emotional and chilling, I’d love to see it again in the cinema and bring my 18 year old son along rather than show him the film at home on dvd".

Still grieving over the accidental death of their daughter, Christine (Sharon Williams), John (Donald Sutherland) and Laura Baxter (Julie Christie) head to Venice, Italy, where John's been commissioned to restore a church. There Laura meets two sisters (Hilary Mason, Clelia Matania) who claim to be in touch with the spirit of the Baxters' daughter. Laura takes them seriously, but John scoffs until he himself catches a glimpse of what looks like Christine running through the streets of Venice.

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Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland

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  • Hello. During the members’ screening the other day there were subtitles displayed throughout the film. I wasn’t sure if this was a technical error or whether this was advertised on the website but I don’t recall seeing this info when I reserved the ticket. If possible, please could it be made clear if English language films are to be subtitled? Thank you

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your message.

      I’m so sorry about this, we wouldn’t normally have subtitles for an English film unless stated otherwise (such as for our Hard of Hearing screenings), so I wouldn’t have expected this screening to come with subtitles. I will raise this with our technical team and we will get back to you.

      Warm regards,