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Between Heaven And Earth 18

Najwa Najjar, Palestine, 2019, 92m.

Tamer is the son of a revolutionary killed in Beirut in the 70's and Salma is a Palestinian girl from Nazareth living in the West Bank. After 5 years of marriage, they receive permission to enter Israel... only to get a divorce. Najjar is “skillful in exposing the absurdities — bureaucratic, political and existential — of the Israelis’ treatment of Palestinians.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Between Heaven and Earth will be followed by a remote Q&A with Najwa Najjar.

*Double bill - 14 May*
If tickets for Between Heaven and Earth and Fadia’s Tree for 14 May are all in the shopping basket the price will automatically reduce to the ‘mini-season pass’ cost of £18.

Both films complement each other well to paint a fuller picture of the kafkaesque territorial restrictions faced by Palestinians within and outside Palestinian land to an audience that’s new to the topic.

16:30 14 May
Between Heaven and Earth will be followed by a remote Q&A with Najwa Najjar.

18:30 14 May
Fadia’s Tree is a wonderfully poetic and esoteric exploration of a long-standing friendship and a heart wrenching account of a Palestinian refugee who is not allowed back to her old family home. Joining us will be Nablus-born artist Zeina Saleh and Fadia's Tree director Sarah Beddington and producer Susan Simnett.

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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