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Amarcord 15

Part of Members' Events
Federico Fellini, Italy, France, 1973, 125m.

This film was proposed by our member Ned Campbell, who writes: 'Recently a movie-friend in Madrid told me he had just sat through Top Gun: Maverick; he said he thought he deserved a US passport for his efforts. I asked him what I had to do to get a European passport!'

In an Italian seaside town, young Titta (Bruno Zanin) gets into trouble with his friends and watches various local eccentrics as they engage in often absurd behavior. Frequently clashing with his stern father (Armando Brancia) and defended by his doting mother (Pupella Maggio), Titta witnesses the actions of a wide range of characters, from his extended family to Fascist loyalists to sensual women, with certain moments shifting into fantastical scenarios.

*Please note, the screening on Wednesday 3 January is our Free Members' Screening, and the screening on Thursday 11 January is a general public screening.

Bruno Zanin, Magali Noël, Pupella Maggio, Armando Brancia

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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