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All My Friends Hate Me 15

UK, 2021, Andrew Gaynord, 93m.

With a razor-sharp script by Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer, All My Friends Hate Me gives us an hilarious comedy about social paranoia. Pete (Tom Stourton) is ready to turn serious, leave his frivolous student days behind, and settle down with his girlfriend, Sonia (Charly Clive). When his university friends invite him to celebrate his birthday for a weekend in the country, he finds their immature ways haven’t changed. Worse still, they seem to gang up on him. Is he being punished? Is he being paranoid? Or is it just some sick joke?

Tom Stourton, Georgina Campbell, Charly Clive, Antonia Clarke

Please note: we do not show adverts. There will be 10 mins or so of trailers before the main feature.

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