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27th Made in Prague Festival presents: Art Talent Show 18

Screened in partnership with Czech Centre London
Adéla Komrzý, Tomáš Bojar, Czech Republic, 2022, 102m.

The 27th Made in Prague Festival presents the UK premiere of Art Talent Show, ‘A witty, Wiseman-esque documentary about art school staff and their aspiring students‘ (Variety)


Welcome to 2020’s entrance exams at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts where hundreds of wannabe artists are battling for a coveted spot in one of three studios. Assessed, interrogated and challenged by three different sets of professors they candidly and often with unintended comic effect discuss gender and sexuality, identity issues and artistic beliefs revealing intergenerational tension and cultural identity clashes. Granted unprecendented access, filmmakers use observational camerawork to juxtapose these encounters with shots of an older pragmatic receptionist to provide a dryly humorous commentary while raising questions over the role and value of art. Hilarious and absorbing.


The Czech Lion Award for the 2022 Best Feature Documentary


Bojar and Komrzý have been blessed with an eccentric cast of faculty members who are fascinating and often hilarious. Spending time with them is a pleasure.” – Forbes


Part of the 27th Made in Prague Festival, 3 Nov – 10 December 2023 organized by the Czech Centre London.




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No screenings currently scheduled.


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