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Vietnamese Short Films + Panel Discussion 18

Part of Star Nhà Ease: Vietnamese Cinema
Various Directors, Vietnam , Various Years, 105m.

This screening will have a live introduction and in conversation with the season curators.

A selection of shorts from Vietnamese filmmakers and the diaspora:

Flowing Home’ (Như một dòng sông) by Sandra Desmazieres (2021).

An animated story of two sisters who got separated after the Vietnam war. An epistolary relationship across borders that stretches over 15 years and narrates their journey until their reunion.

Good Chips’ by Nell Hensey (2023)

Set in Dublin 1989, tells the story of the resettlement through a Vietnamese family’s struggle to keep their takeaway business afloat, while their young daughter Tam unexpectedly finds friendship with a local Irish boy.

Sigh Gone’ by Jeannie Nguyen (2019)

Sign Gone tells the story of Thuy who finds herself on the verge of death by boredom, as she is deprived of the guide of her "lost love". Having no agenda, she finds original ways to interact with the bustling city of Saigon, Vietnam.

Stay Awake, Be Ready’ (Hãy Tỉnh Thức Và Sẵn Sàng) by Pham Thien An 2019

This short plays out on a street corner, a conversation among three young men plays out at a local street watering hole, the night brings together a mélange of alcohol-fueled wisdom, a luminous street panorama, juxtaposed with a sobering but gruelling sight.

With the support of the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery and the British Council. Supported by Longdan LTD

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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