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Mon 15 August
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The Harder They Come 15

Jamaica, 1972, Perry Henzell, 102m.

Jimmy Cliff brings a knockout soundtrack and charisma aplenty to this classic crime drama.

A film that needs no introduction to anyone with so much as the slightest interest in reggae or Jamaican culture, The Harder They Come celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Besides its credentials as an explosive action thriller with a killer soundtrack, it is universally credited with introducing reggae and the roots movement to the world as a serious cultural proposition.

Perry Henzell’s unfiltered portrait of Jamaica’s music industry, the emerging Rasta faith and how so many Jamaicans lived, both in the town and the country, redefined a genre of music,

giving it context and weight. Five decades on, that excitement and sense of discovery remain undimmed.

Jimmy Cliff, Janet Bartley, Carl Bradshaw

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