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Screen Cuba presents: Yuli The Carlos Acosta Story 15

Screened in partnership with Screen Cuba
Icíar Bollaín, Spain, Cuba, Germany, UK, 2018, 110m.

The unmissable award-winning film Yuli was inspired by the life of Carlos Acosta, one of the greatest dancers in Cuban ballet history. Directed by Iciar Bollaín with Paul Laverty as script writer, the film is noted for its music, cinematography and outstanding choreography. The film begins as Carlos, nicknamed Yuli by his father, is rebelling against school and breakdancing on the street until he is pushed by his father to attend the National Ballet School. This truly exceptional film traces some of Carlos’s setbacks and achievements, but also profiles the importance within Cuban education of opportunities for all.

As Acosta commented when the film was released, the story captures 'the triumph of a humble Cuban family, that can serve as a mirror for all Cubans who on a daily basis confront adversities.'  


2019, The Platino Awards for Iberoamerican Cinema, winner, Best Original Music

2019, Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad”, winner, Audience Award, Best Feature Film

2019, Nantes Spanish Film Festival, winner, Audience Award, Best Film

2018, San Sebastián International Film Festival, winner, Jury Prize, Best Screenplay

Plus nominee for 14 awards: San Sebastián (Golden Seashell, best film); Minsk (best film); Feroz Awards (best original score); Miami (HBO Ibero American competition, best film); Goya Awards (nominee for best sound, best new actor, best cinematography, best original score, best adapted screenplay); Hamburg (art cinema award for best feature); Spain, Cinema Writers Circle Awards (nominee for best score, best new actor, best cinematography); British Independent Film Awards (best supporting actor).

Proceeds from the Solidarity ticket will to go to Cuban film institute (ICAIC) projects including restoration of classic films.

Carlos Acosta, Keyvin Martínez, Edilson Manuel Olbera Núñez

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No screenings currently scheduled.


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