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LSFF: Ancestral Remembrance 18

Part of London Short Film Festival 2024
Screened in partnership with London Short Film Festival
Various Filmmakers, Various Countries, 2022, 2023, 103m.

Take a deep dive into hard-to-confront histories, myths, traumas, and beliefs - but not without a dash of lightheartedness. Spanning from documentary to fiction, this programme brings together international perspectives that each sculpt a case of hauntology. Ghosts from the past invited; the dusty forgotten reactivated. Let us now open the floodgate of memories.

An essayistic documentary of the five-star National Hotel of Cuba; a portrait of the filmmaker’s mother that bursts open a visceral account of surviving the Ethiopian Red Terror; a whimsical, 16mm filmic composition that spans a family history riddled with mystics, political activism, and unsolved mysteries; a budded high-school romance that turns sour by the nuanced racial divide in the post-New Order Jakarta; an ageing Iranian man wishing for a peaceful death, blessed with a Talqueen ceremony.

Content warning: Images of genocide, description of torture

The National Hotel, dir. Alexandra von Schelling, Cuba 2023, 17mins

The Medallion, dir. Ruth Hunduma, UK 2023, 19mins

Family Fugue, dir. George Finlay Ramsay, UK 2022, 35mins

Sawo Matang, dir. Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto, Indonesia 2023, 20mins

Three Sisters, dir. Iman Behrouzi, Iran 2022, 12mins

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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