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LIAF 2023: International Competition Programme 3: From Absurd to Zany 18

Part of London International Animation Festival 2023
Screened in partnership with London International Animation Festival
Various, Various, 2022, 2023, 90m.

This programme ‘From Absurd to Zany’ celebrates some of the funniest, weirdest and eye-poppingly nutty films that were entered this year. Tales of cannibalism at sea, Werner Herzog’s musings on how to hypnotise a chicken, existentialist terror in the office, a charming love story about a man and his cow plus many more bonkers scenarios. Buckle up for a wild ride.


Independent animation is an art form that continues to thrive and develop as a breath-taking medley of styles, materials, techniques and production – from hand-drawn, paint on glass, collage, sculpture, cut-outs, puppets, abstract to some of the more interesting developments in CGI – all of which can be seen at this year’s LIAF.


We’ve emerged from under the pile of 2,400 entries to put together a series of screenings that showcase the best 86 new films from 41 countries around the world. They can be funny, dramatic, bizarre, subdued, scary or autobiographical. The one thing they have in common is that we think they’re the pick of the crop. 8 international competition programmes. Every technique, every genre, every style – this is your annual window into the international indie animation universe.


Total running time: approx 88 mins

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My name is Edgar and I have a Cow

Edgar’s ordinary life is disrupted by a newborn calf he sees on a tourist trip to a slaughterhouse. He takes it home after finding out that the calf is likely to become a schnitzel.

Czech Republic, Slovakia 2023 Dir: Filip Diviak 7’45


An Ostrich Told me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe it

When a young telemarketer is confronted by a mysterious talking ostrich, he learns that the universe is stop motion animation.

Australia 2022 Dir: Lachlan Pendragon 11’40


Hairy Situations

A hairdresser struggles to keep up with her demanding clients.

Germany 2022 Dir: Dal Park 1’30


World to Roam

Mother and Father lay the child in his cot at the same time every night. However, come morning, only a shallow crater remains; a baby-shaped depression. The boy was destined to be a wanderer.

UK 2023 Dir: Stephen Irwin 12’20


Aaaah !

Aaaah! is a cry of pain, surprise, fear, joy, songs, grumbling, laughter, anger… Aaaah! is the expression with which children experience life in a community, framed by the whistles of adults.

France 2022 Dir: Osman Cerfon 4’40


7 Missing

Agent M, a post-traumatic agent, embarks on a transformative mission to retrieve 6 missing agents from a mysterious shaman.

Israel 2023 Dir: Yuval Katz 7’00


The Garden of Heart

A young aspiring painter with low self-esteem is in his last round of interviews at the Academy of Fine Arts. While waiting for his interview, his demons appear before him in the form of garden pests.

Hungary 2022 Dir: Olivér Hegyi 10’30


The Happy Resort

Are you unhappy or unproductive? Don’t worry, the Happy Resort is here to help! Let scientifically proven algorithms and individual treatments get the best out of you.

Germany 2022 Dir: Lotta Mayerle 5’10



Two people adrift at sea are fighting a bloody battle for the survival of both themselves and their relationship.

Belgium 2023 Dir: Levi Stoops 14’55


Nothing to Expect

Isolation leads to strange mental states. A journey through the circling thoughts of a lonely protagonist, which eventually merges with reality.

Germany 2023 Dir: Franz Impler 3’30


Good Mates and Drum n Bass

4 friends escape reality and dance the night away.

UK 2023 Dir: Freya Amy Buckland 3’10


Herzog's Chicken

Chickens are idiots. How to hypnotise a chicken by Werner Herzog.

Canada 2023 Dir: Lukas Conway 1’00



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