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Wed 31 Jul


Kino London Short Film Festival: Programme 1 18

Part of Kino London Short Film Festival 2024
Various Years, Various Directors, Various Countries, 115m.

Kino Short Film presents some of the best shorts of the year for their BIFA qualifying film festival.

An Ode to Procrastination

directed by Aleksandra Kingo | United Kingdom | Arthouse

Sarah is trying to create what she thinks is the project of her lifetime, but procrastinates while struggling to start.


directed by Martin Stocks | United Kingdom | Drama

A dinner party goes off the rails when the host suspects a surprise guest is his childhood bully.

The Eyes of Marge

directed by Lily Howkins | United Kingdom | Thriller

A self-hating social worker traumatised by his sister’s death from domestic abuse, is plagued by phone calls from an unknown woman looking for her dead sister.

Good Vibes Only [World Premiere]

directed by Christopher Rogers | United Kingdom | Drama

On the 10th anniversary of his radio show, Charlie discovers an old record gifted to him by his late friend Huey. Deciding to dedicate the show to Huey’s memory, Charlie uses a selection of music to chart the rise and fall of their friendship.

The Hearts of Bwindi

directed by Charli Doherty | United Kingdom | Documentary

This documentary spotlights the harmonious efforts of wildlife rangers and local communities safeguarding Uganda's biodiverse, UNESCO-recognized Bwindi National Park.

London's Forgotten

directed by Liam Pinheiro-Rogers | United Kingdom | Drama

A cycle that targets the few. A cycle that refuses to end. In the urban streets of London, the stories of knife crime victims are connected by a wandering drifter who has loose ends to tie.


directed by Adrian Gardner | United Kingdom | LGBTQ+

Lucas, a computer techie goes on an ordeal when he invites Theo around for what he thought would be no-strings-attached fun, but it takes an odd turn when his ex-girlfriend returns home early.

Ministry of Jingle [UK Premiere]

directed by Maddie Dai | New Zealand | Comedy

Melody is the new hire at the Ministry of Jingle, a Government department in charge of creating public safety jingles about a range of topics; seatbelts, condoms, littering.


directed by David Ledger | United Kingdom | Comedy

After the death of her husband, an elderly vicar’s wife Winifred Tyler (Amanda Walker, Triangle of Sadness) unearths a book of erotic fiction that she wrote in her youth.

Stones [London Premiere]

directed by  Matthew Hopper | United Kingdom | Drama

On a trip to his old family home in the Scottish Highlands, a troubled man argues on the phone with his stoic father, forcing him to confront a dark issue in their relationship.

Two Minutes [London Premiere]

directed by Jamie Benyon | United Kingdom | Comedy

Two brothers rob a corner shop only to be interrupted by their Nan.

Trigger Warning: This programme contains racial discrimination & violence, and suicide

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