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Mon 17 Jun
Tue 25 Jun

Ceddo 18

Part of Tigritudes
Ousmane Sembène, Senegal, 1977, 116m.

Our screening on Monday 17 June will be introduced by Estrella Sendra (KCL), programme consultant on our award winning 2023 Francophone West African season.

In precolonial Senegal, members of the Ceddo (or 'outsiders') kidnap Princess Dior Yacine (Tabata Ndiaye) after her father, the king, pledges loyalty to an ascendant Islamic faction that plans to convert the entire clan to its faith. Attempts to recapture her fail, provoking further division and eventual war between the animistic Ceddo and the fundamentalist Muslims, with Christian missionaries and slave traders from Europe also playing a role in the conflict. Banned in Senegal upon its release, Ceddo is an ambitious, multilayered epic that explores the combustible tensions among ancient tradition, religious colonisation, political expediency, and individual freedom.

Mamadou Dioumé, Ousmane Sembène, Tabata Ndiaye

Please arrive promptly - we do not show adverts.

Book Tickets

Mon 17 Jun
Part of Tigritudes 18:00
Tue 25 Jun
Part of Tigritudes 15:10

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