Focus Hong Kong 2024

Thu 04 Jul 2024 — Sat 06 Jul 2024

Focus Hong Kong returns to The Garden Cinema for a summer 2024 programme packed with new and classic films, giving audiences the chance to catch the very best of Hong Kong cinema on the big screen. The specially-curated selection includes immigration drama Fly Me to the Moon, one of the most acclaimed Hong Kong films of 2023, a rare screening of Peter Chan’s 1994 satirical rom-com He’s a Woman, She’s a Man, starring Leslie Cheung and a surprising exploration of homosexuality and gender identity, and a double bill of classic Johnnie To bullet ballet action in Exiled and Vengeance.

About Focus Hong Kong:

Focus Hong Kong is a UK film festival dedicated to celebrating the amazing cinema and filmmakers of Hong Kong, from early works to the glory days of its reign as the Hollywood of Asia, through to new and exciting films. Focus Hong Kong screens a wide range of new releases and classics, films which are vibrant, exciting, innovative and artistic, and which above all are uniquely Hong Kong.

Past Screenings

Exiled 15

Johnnie To’s long-awaited 2006 spiritual follow-up to The Mission brings together an all-star cast for the tale of hitmen pitted against each… Read More
Johnnie To, Hong Kong (S.A.R. China), 2006, 110m.
This screening has now passed.

Vengeance 15

Johnnie To’s highly-anticipated 2009 thriller Vengeance saw him teaming with Johnny Hallyday, the man credited with bringing rock ‘n’ roll to France,… Read More
Johnnie To, Hong Kong (S.A.R. China), France, 2009, 109m.
This screening has now passed.

Fly Me to the Moon 18

Based on her semi-autobiographical novel, Sasha Chuk’s multiple-award winning feature debut is a moving family chronicle, following a pair of sisters… Read More
Sasha Chuk, Hong Kong (S.A.R. China), 2023, 111m.
This screening has now passed.

He's a Woman, She's a Man 18

Peter Chan’s fourth feature gave Leslie Cheung one of his first romantic comedy lead roles, playing a temperamental music producer determined… Read More
Peter Chan, Hong Kong, 1994, 107m.
This screening has now passed.